New map shows South Africa is the most restricted country in the world

South Africa

Last week the government of Ireland announced that it would be extending its ban on visa-free travel for all South Africans. The country forms part of 120 territories to have some form of restriction or ban on South African travelers.

Travel website Skyscanner’s newly developed mapping tool shows Covid-19 travel restrictions around the world. The technology uses data from the International Air Transport Association (IATA).

According to the map, SA has ‘major restrictions’ from 120 countries. These restrictions include suspended travel, ‘closed to entry’, or travel permitted only if someone is a citizen or meets strict entrance requirements.

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Only 97 countries have moderate restrictions in place that may include being tested and subjected to quarantine on arrival, while just eight countries have low-risk restrictions where SA citizens are unlikely to face travel bans and mandatory quarantine.

View Skyscanner’s new mapping tool for more details.

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