Soundway Records announces new African inspired compilation by producer Esa Williams

Soundway Records announce new African inspired compilation by producer Esa Williams
Currently mid-way through his South London Residency, every Saturday night at Phonox Night club, Esa weaves through his international audience showcasing some of the best gems, uncut tracks from around the world, with a particular focus on bringing some of the best musical showstoppers from his roots, in Africa. Representing bubblegum, kwaito and Cape Jazz, Esa Williams has become a proud ambassador of Africa and other unrepresented sounds and waves from around the World.
Esa Williams

It was recently announced that Williams is set to release a new compilation on the London-based independent record label Soundway Records. The compilation titled Amandla: Music to the People, a musical journey connecting Esa’s musical identity to other revelations around the world, including his projects with Santuri Safari in East Africa, digging Afro-Brazilian gems in Rio and the sounds of the French Antilles and Guadeloupe.

With this selection, I want to showcase the sounds from the past that hugely influenced later generations and continue to connect people around the world. It’s an insight into my ever-evolving musical adventure, the people I’ve met along the way, and why these powerful sounds still resonate today.” – Esa Williams
Williams also starred in the recent documentary ‘The Role of South African Dance Music during Apartheid‘ on Resident Advisor with DJ Okapi. The short feature explores “how the optimistic sounds of bubblegum, afrosynth and kwaito helped inspire resistance to repression” during the apartheid regime. You can watch the Resident Advisor documentary right here.
Esa Williams’ compilation, ‘Amandla: Music for the People’ will be available later this year in July -visit Esa Williams Soundcloud to listen to a few teasers.
Soundway Records announces new African inspired compilation by producer Esa Williams

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