Soul Horizons – Vinyl Only Party


In this day and age with all of the controllers and electronic dj equipment, it’s possible for just about everybody to become a dj even if they don’t really have any skill at mixing at all. This is what makes the Remote Productions Vinyl Only event so bloody damn special.

The evening is a tribute to the uniqueness of Jozi’s deep house Culture. Dj aficionado Kid Fonque will be headlining the event. For those who don’t know, Kid Fonque is a legend in the South African house music scene and has been at the forefront of the local scene for years. On the night Kid Fonque will be supported by long standing members of Jozi’s underground house Scene: The Cohen brothers, The OHM Crew and Indaskys. The multi talented Indaskys will also be mixing digital images to set the atmosphere throughout the evening.

The birth of house culture began with records spinning on a turntable and the analogue sound of vinyl – very apt that 20 or so years later after all the digital advancements that they’re returning the sound to its roots.


Friday the 8th March.
R40 entry will get you in.

DJ’s on the night:

The Cohen brothers
Kid Fonque
The OHM Crew



Visuals by:
The Indaskys

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