Soon You’ll Be Able To Purchase The Perfect DadBod With This Fanny Pack

Soon You'll Be Able To Purchase The Perfect DadBod With This Fanny Pack

Thankfully for most of the guys out there, the dadbod has over time become something quite desirable to have. Capitalising on this new fad, a London based artist has come up with a rather ingenious fanny pack that is capable of giving you the dadbod you’ve always wanted and keeping all of your valuables safe from criminals with the hairy belly fanny pack (his words).

Albert Pukies calls the invention the ‘Dadbag’ and while it isn’t yet commercially available it should be very soon, thanks to offers from several manufacturers around the world and a Kickstarter fund. Have a look at the six different variations that could be on offer below:

I mean, what more do you need? An instant dadbod and a reduced likelihood that a criminal is going to be able to spot the valuables in your fanny pack when travelling the globe. I really do love where fashion is going these days.

Im a guy with a very particular view of life... im not quite sure what that view is just yet, but when I find out I'll be sure to let you know...

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