Sony releases Google TV

Entertainment and lifestyle giants Sony have partnered with rulers of the online world- Google to produce a range of web-surfing TVs for the betterment of all of our lives… These TVs combine the likes of regular programming with internet browsing for what is sure to be one of the most awesome entertainment and leisure experiences we’ve ever been exposed to.

The high def sets that went on sale globally last week have LCD screens ranging from 61cm to 117cm with the recommended retail prices of $1399 for the 46″ model and a Blu-Ray player with Google TV integrated for $399. The new range of tv’s will be built on Google’s Android operating system and can navigate websites with the slightly quicker Google Chrome Browser.

The TV’s and system can scan through internet, television programming sites and DVR’s from satellite operator Dish Network to find all video connected to a specific request entered into a search bar at the top of the screen… Imagine all of the porn. Basically, you can watch tv and search at the same time.

The system is available locally through Logitech International SA, which has bundled the same Google TV package on sale overseas into a basic set up box that can be plugged into any existing HDMI capable tv set available on pre-order for $300 (not that pricey).

As Google CEO Eric Schmidt said- “instead of wasting time watching television, you can waste time watching the internet”

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