SoNiC – Psycoding 2 [Download]

After chatting to Sonic at Zone Festival we decided the best thing was to get a fresh mix of his onto MyCityByNight and that’s exactly what he has done for us. The tracklisting is on another level and the download button is begging for a click. Massive thanks to Sonic for this set… It’s going to be MADLY overplayed that’s for sure.

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Psycoding 2 – mixed by Dj Sonic (Afrogalactic)

1) Scorb vs Deviant Species – Fear
2) Digital Talk – Funk Me
3) Rabdom L – Inside the doll house
4) Deliriant – Life Form
5) Cybernetix vs Deliriant – Degenerate
6) Artifact vs Poizon – Verses
7) Lost & Found – Virtuoso
8) Bliss vs Lost & Found – Shnozel
9) Mad Piper – Monster
10) Biogenesis – The big club

This is dedicated to the the global occupy movement and against all evil like banks, war, corporations,goverments that live off the enslavement of others and all pathetic wrong doers that are taking this planet apart. Long live the revolution for the 99%!

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