SoNiC – Dark & Dirt 4 [download]

Mix of the week: Sonic – Dark & Dirt 4

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1. Brokenetix Vs Brain Hunters – Welcome to the new world
2. Magneto – Zombie Mode
3. Lost & Found – Power Science
4. Rubix Qube – Kwaailight
5. Magneto – Push the shock
6. Exgen vs Smashed – Invisible Invaders
7. Smashed – Yo Go Banzai (Magneto RMX)
8. Rubix Qube – Sneaky Snake Eyes
9. Rubix Qube – Speed Demon

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  1. Excuse the typo on the mix as I caught myself out when naming the file. Its actually Mix 5 of the Dark & Dirty series. Thanx to My City By Night for all the exposure.:-)

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