Song of the Day | YoungstaCPT – To Live And Die In CA

Drawing inspiration from the Tupac’s 1997 song “To Live And Die In LA” with a juxtaposition being placed on Compton and Cape Town, YoungstaCPT draws comparisons between the two cities and how similarly-different life for the average citizens of both cities are. The rapper talks about his lineage, heritage and how people of similar ethnicity have been wrongly brushed aside by the inequality and unjust actions of the government.

“My people are indigenous and yes, they are the last ones – Cape Coloured/Cape-Malay, that’s the way they classed us…” – YoungstaCPT

The video aims to showcase the raw-realness that comes with living in Cape Town, as we see YoungstaCPT speaking to his therapist which showcases the need for therapy and good mental health and that the years of trauma which are still affecting people of not being addressed He also draws light on the positives as he identifies that it’s a blessing to born in Cape Town making note of the pro’s and cons, YoungstaCPT’s only wish is that people start working together in times of conflict.

“I’m coming from the Wes Kaap, West Coast / It’s like Cape Town and Compton are step bro’s / If you don’t understand our slang keep your bek closed / I grew up around 2 Pac’s they were all on death row…..” YoungstaCPT – To Live And Die In CA

Track Title: To Live And Die In CA
Produced: Miles Singleton
Written: YoungstaCPT
Engineered: Kay Faith

Production Company: Stanley John Agency
Director: Blake Steenkamp
Producer: Riyadh Roberts
Editor: Dale Fortune

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