Song of the Day | Youngsta – Yaatie


The Cape Town rapper and songwriter Youngsta is popping up across the country for his vicious freestyles, infectious rap lyrics and die-hard CPT attitude. His latest music video YAATIE off his soon-to-be-released album, 3T, was directed and shot by Imraan Christian in one shot in the suburb he grew up in called Wittebomme (in Wynberg) showing a typical day in the life of the hood as YoungstaCPT says:

“I felt it was only right for me to shoot it in front of the house I grew up in as well as in the street I played outside to paint a picture visually of where these stories took place. Almost like a typical day in the life of a boy from the hood.” – YoungstaCPT

Most people don’t realise that YoungstaCPT’s personal nickname to family and close friends is actually, YAATIE.

“I’m Yaatie / Yaatie / You know he’s a laanie / probably know your sister and your taanie / my bru his names Yaatie / Yaatie / go ask the taxi drivers and the gaatjies / they say they know Yaatie ”

“Yaatie” was produced by J Beatz

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