Song Of The Day – TiMO ODV: SAVE ME

timo odv

This week we’re featuring a local act who has really burst onto the scene with an amazing track that just has a properly global feel to it. TiMO ODV’s smash single ‘Save Me” (featuring the luscious harmonies of Sarah Jackson) took the top spot as the most played local song on the country’s airwaves. With an energetic music video hypnotising viewers around the country, Save Me has undoubtedly become the song that more than a few fans are calling the soundtrack of their Autumn.

Starting from unassuming beginnings, singer/songwriter/producer TiMO ODV says

“I just woke up one day and decided that I wanted to be a music producer even though I knew pretty much nothing about music or music production.”

Having worked through a variety of sounds, TiMO has settled on a deeper, pop enshrined sound that allows him to seamlessly blend a variety of different elements and textures; a combination that is clearing striking a chord with South Africans. Here’s the music video for that tune:

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