Song of the Day – The Sun Is Shining (Mike Kelly Remix)

sun is shining

Today’s Song of The Day comes from the very talented Mike Kelly and is a cheeky rework of the Bob Marley classic Sun is Shining. Mike has been bubbling on the surface of the echelons of local electronic music royalty for the past couple of years under a few different aliases and has used Mike Kelly as the vehicle to release some of his more cultured stuff. Having wanted to have a go at remixing Bob Marley’s ‘Sun is Shining’ since he first heard the Funkstar De Luxe take on it back in 1999, the guy tackles every musical task with a respectable amount of vigour – not really holding back on this particular iteration.

Have a listen to slightly different take on the classic by one of South Africa’s own below. Jah man.

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