Song of The Day | Rose Bonica | Volatile 4:3 Music Video

Rose Bonica | Volatile 4:3 Music Video


Rose Bonica – a name that exudes power and grace simultaneously and the two key characteristics that can be felt in her music. Her hard-hitting drums are ornamented with the most splendid pads and arps, creating a sound that is a beautiful oxymoron in itself.

Her impressive rise through the Cape Town music scene has been prominent through her continuous raw and infectious releases, coupled with her dark and energetic creative side, it’s easy to see why she is landing herself on some of the biggest festival line ups in the country.

Rose Bonica

Today, we celebrate Bonica‘s deconstructed head-wringer ‘Volatile’ which has been turned into an artfully-fucked up music video, and an arachnophobes nightmare directed by Tamzyn Botha and taken from Bonica’s ‘Don’t Let It Get To Your Head EP‘.

Watch the incredible piece below and purchase your copy of Rose Bonica‘s ‘Volatile’ right here. View the credit role below the video.

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Wet Dreams Recordings Presents In Association with AYTCH

Directed by Tamzyn Botha
Concept by Tamzyn Botha and Natalie-Rose Perel
Performances by: Alonzo Strauss & Limb
Creative Director: Tamzyn Botha
On-Set Director: Marco Filby
Director of Photography: Jono Kyriakou
Camera Assistant: Rob Dos Santos
Lighting Assistant: Craigen Clough
Post Production: Paige Rybko & Jade Kohler
Editors: Natalie-Rose Perel & Jono Kyriakou
Colourist: Kyle Stroebel
Makeup: Orli Meiri
Costume Design: Tamzyn Botha
Title Design: Jade Ayla

Music: Rose Bonica: ‘Volatile’
Don’t Let It Get To Your Head (2018)
Wet Dreams Recordings

Special Thanks: Leigh Hunter for the tarantulas. Ye Olde Haunt for the location. ‘And’ for the support, Peresoft Cape cc, Refinery Cape Town, Gareth Jones, Jonathan Ferreira


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