Song of the Day| Rihanna – Stay (Freshgang bootleg)

I was put onto this guys by a mutual dj mate, Mike Kelly over the holidays and now that I’ve had the chance to give Freshgang a good listen, I think I’ve discovered one of the rising talents of the SA dance music scene. Freshgang is a collective of 4 DJ’s and producers, made up by Suleman Steele (Superman), Jack August (Jack Tha Rippa), Angelo Todorov (Angelo) and Mitchell Dean Fikkert (The Dean).
“We find value in working with people who have the same vision as us, the vision of giving people an unreal experience every time they go out. As DJ’s we know we have a responsibility to keep the audience captivated, and nothing keeps people more entertained than seeing a DJ who is loving every moment of playing for them, and that’s where we come in”.
FreshGang began early in 2012, with a group of friends who had already been part of the music industry as separate entities, deciding to come together and form what they believe is the beginning of a movement in the dance music scene like no other. They saw a gap in the market for DJ’s who interact with the crowd and also to play the music the people want to hear and not just what’s doing the rounds in top 40 charts. The guys have played alongside local heroes like DJ Fresh and below you’ll find their Stay remix, which has received some decent airplay over the past couple of months on 5FM.
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