Song of the Day | Passenger – Setting Suns (Official Video)


Song of the Day | Passenger – Setting Suns (Official Video – Shot in Cape Town)

hello everyone , 
the whispers world tour came to an end on sunday so i thought i’d post a little video that we made over the last few days in CAPE TOWN. i can’t quite believe how beautiful that city is .
SOUTH AFRICA has undoubtedly been one of the highlights and fantastic way to end this adventure !!!! 
the whispers tour took me and some of my best friends around the world and i’ll never forget seeing such beautiful things with such incredible people . 
the song is called “setting suns” and it felt like a fitting sentiment .
as always , please feel free to hit the share button if you like what you see 🙂
thank you all so so much . 
mike xxxx

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  1. Thank you… being so home sick for Cape Town and just the song about the sunsets reminded me so much of home!

  2. Hi there, My daughter and myself met you and bought your cd in Bath a long time ago, I could kick my butt that I missed your concert in my Mother City, Cape Town, but know that you have become part of our lives.
    Lynne Clark

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