Song of The Day | Pascal & Pearce ft. Yoav ‘Belong’

Belong | Pascal & Pearce ft. Yoav

South Africa electronic duo Pascal & Pearce have teamed up with singer-songwriter, Yoav on a long-awaited follow-up collaboration – a brand new single called ‘Belong.’

“Some years ago now, we collaborated on a remix of Beautiful Lie that charted the Top 5 on national radio and was played all over the planet,” says Yoav. “Many hang out sessions ensued and a year or two ago Pascal & Pearce played me the backing track for this upcoming tune and I wrote a song over the top of it called Belong.”

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“A lot of love went into this number, so I’m most pleased that it’s finally getting its release. It might be a bit more pop than my dark alternative listeners might be accustomed to, but it certainly is a fun catchy “earworm” of a song.”

Listen to Belong by Pascal & Pearce ft. Yoav below and support local music by purchasing your copy, right here.

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