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December Streets

2020 kicked off with a bang for the popular local band, December Streets with the addition to the Global Citizen #TogetherAtHome campaign which lent their voice as SA’s second music act on the bill to fight the COVID-19 pandemic currently gripping the world and creating awareness about social distancing in these uncertain times. The campaign reached a global audience and elevated the band’s presence across the world. Adding to the success, the band released their radio hit, ‘Haters’ in April this year which climbed the charts on key stations across the country. 

This year, the band look to celebrate a well-deserved decade on the SA music scene and ride this wave with the release of their much anticipated next single titled, ‘Last Forever’ ahead of the Summer season.  

The band attributes the track’s creation with the harsh reality of life in that we move through chapters and relationships periodically. What once seemed like a life-long relationship, sadly comes to an end in some cases. As a band, they love to challenge their listeners with a powerful message like this, disguised in upbeat & vibey music. 

When teaming up with legendary producer Paul Gala of Bad Future Records, December Streets had a glimpse of a vision of where this new sound should land and knew they had a story to tell. It resulted in what they believe is their most powerful & well-written song to date. ‘We really think our fans are going to connect with this song on a level they have not experienced with December Streets yet’, says Tristan Coetzee, band frontman. 

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To explain the thinking behind the lyrics in a little more detail, most of us know the feeling of handing yourself over to a time in life which (at the time) makes you feel invincible, indestructible and you fully believe that that moment will last forever. Then a sobering moment such as betrayal or a simple difference in directions of life taps you on the shoulder and brings you straight back to reality. 

While the song carries the energy and happiness of the bliss of that carefree time in life, the lyrics come from a real, sometimes overlooked place – reminding you that nothing lasts forever. Many good things come to an end in one way or another. It further talks about the start of a new journey, imparting a strong sense of hope. While you long for this time to last forever, the path you create for yourself moving forward will be stronger & even more beautiful than the one you thought you would walk for the rest of your life. And maybe, this new one will indeed last forever.

The aim of this track is to address the realities of life, but instead of giving up, dance and sing your way through the bad times because even though all good things may come to an end – YOU have the ability to walk positively into a new chapter of your life. A new beginning of good things & relationships.

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In a nutshell, this song will have you singing at full voice in the middle of the office and you may not at first realise it but eventually that this groovy anthem carries a message of betrayal, realisation, growth, longing & ultimately – hope. 

Because in the end, all you actually have control of is yourself, your life and how you choose your journey. 

I get goosebumps thinking of the reaction I hope for when listeners hear this song for the first time. It’s a journey, and I’d rather sing and celebrate my experiences to grow into a stronger human, ultimately elevating the next chapters of my life,’ says Tristan Coetzee.

When last forever becomes truly, last forever’, says band vocalist, Dane Steinhobel.

It’s kind of a forever lasting reflection. The physical experience had a due date but the memories have now been captured in an everlasting body of work‘, says band vocalist, Matthew Tager.

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