Something for the Ladies at Trinity

MyCityByNight loves mooiness and it appears we’re not the only ones with a bit of appreciation for the fairer sex. This Friday night Trinity Cape Town is doing “Something for the ladies”.

To show much you all mean, Trinity is inviting all the city’s mooiness to come and party with them for free. Yup. ladies- you are allowed in FREE, GRATIS, all night! I advise you to rustle up all your besties and to get them down to Bennet Street this Friday night- I can guarantee that their will be quite a selection of guys there to choose from.

The dj’s on the night are:

*Daine More*
*Leyton Lee*
*DJ Mixi*

Ladies free all night, blokes: R60 before 11pm, R80 thereafter and R150 for VIP!

For VIP table bookings, hit up Troy on 079 359 1379

You stay classy, Ladies.

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