Some Dude Got His Willy Stuck In A Gym Weight This Weekend (PICS)

In Our Latest Bit Of "Get Fit For Summer" News, Some Dude Got His Willy Stuck In A Gym Weight This Weekend

So you think your weekend was a wild one? We’re pretty sure that it has nothing on the one that an unnamed man from Worms, Rhineland-Palatinate in Germany had after he somehow managed to get his willy stuck in a gym weight.

A team of firefighters and doctors had to work for somewhere close to 3 hours in an attempt to break the dude’s wang free. After using an assortment of power tools which included a grinder and a vibrating saw (OMG), they were eventually able to break the weight and get the guy’s Johnson free, but were left with more questions than when they began like, why did the guy decide to even stick his willy inside a weight in the first place?

Pretty awks if you ask us. If you’re keen to see the uncensored images, feel free to head on over to here, but be warned that it’s a pretty grim sight all swollen and purple and stuff. Look so we know that everyone is doing their utmost to get beach ready, but if the thought of sticking your wang in a weight ever does cross your mind we suggest that you ignore it and rather just go for a run on the treadmill.

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