Société Saturdays at Churchills

Societe Saturdays at Churchills is the place to be for everyone who is anyone in Jozi

Absolute new 2

We’ve been doing our best to stay classy here at MyCityByNight as we unlock parts of the Jozi nightlife that leave you feeling like you’re the reason why everyone bothered to come out and part of this process has consisted of a good few nights out at Churchills Bar. Saturdays have been revamped at Churchills Bar – bringing back the fun, glamour and the incredible party atmosphere. Société Saturdays will focus on unique and quirky cocktails, bringing in flare bartenders, photo booths and illusionists for your delight.

So what are you waiting for? Put your dancing shoes on, get your friends together and get ready to party the night away in true Churchills style!

There will be some surprise balloons with mystery prizes inside, so if guests purchase a bottle of Absolut, they will get to pop a balloon to claim their prize (bottles of Absolut flavour, percentage discounts off bills, shooter trays, etc) – really what more do you need?

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