Social Whoring

I’ve taken a lot of flack for being on social networks. People have snickered and commented, mostly those who don’t understand the mechanics thereof, or are too stupid to actually figure out how valuable the Internet can be.

If you think back a couple of years, we were stuck with the boring, mundane and mostly very untrustworthy links of online dating. Now I can personally say that I did try out one or two – what seemed at the time to be – decent prospects… EPIC FAIL! They looked nothing like their online photo’s, even less did their personalities reflect the knight in shining armour traits that they had listed on their profiles!
I’ve also heard some horror stories, where a lady has posted pics of when she was a 19yr old model, but turned up at the date, a 29yr old bus! Sadly these woman still end up asking why the guy in question went to the little boys room, never to return…

Strangely enough, the world seems to be getting smaller with all the online socializing, but at the same time becoming a little more real.
We can, I believe, for the most part now say that if someone only has one Facebook photo up, has super top model listed on their profile, with the perfect set of social skills, that they are a non existent figment of someone’s imagination. The same can be said for anyone with a Twitter name along the lines of ‘SexyCandy’ or ‘StudMuffin’…

For majority of people it has become second nature to share their lives with the online world, and I know that I am one of those.
If I want to Tweet what I’m having for lunch, that I’ve just been served the most amazing latte, that I’m at a concert or any other part of my daily routine, then surely the person that is following me has the right to decided whether or not they want to carry on reading my Tweets?

I have met the most phenomenal people from my Timeline in real life… whether they are trending or not! LOL!
What I found most amazing, was that these people were very similar to me. We share the same characteristic traits. It’s very much on par with the saying, ‘Birds of a Feather’.
My life has become far more colourful and exciting, to say the least, it’s opened so many doors for event invitations or for socializing events!

For the people that are still getting the hang of trying to wrap their pretty little heads around the new world of online mingling, embrace the change… it’s a hub buzzing with endless opportunity, not only for meeting new people, but for trade marketing.

To the people I had the pleasure of meeting whilst out and about the last couple of months, it’s been such a pleasure, and for those I have still to meet, I look forward to it!

I can with ease say, ‘I am a Social Whore!’ and I am darn proud of it too!

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  1. Well, I constantly hear that I am everywhere as well. But all the social network connections can be a problem as well, especially if you want to switch off for a weekend, and get back Monday and people want to know why you were ignoring them as they get used to the realtime conversations that they can have via Twitter for instance.

    But all in all, this is the future, embrace it, as it will define how businesses will being conducting market research and pushing new products 🙂

    1. its how I met the amazing and super hot @staceynorman17 – it really is for the win 🙂

        1. haha yes and you of course Raven!!! That was a mad awesome trip up to Jozi! Coming back up in March for ASOT 500 🙂

          1. Because I’m super cool like that…
            I hope I’m getting tickets – not fair that you kids get all the cool free crap!

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