Social On Main’s Hendricks Gin inspired Mr Whiffen’s Elixir is Summer in a mug (WIN)

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Social Eating and Drinking Companys brand new venture – Social on Main has just opened it’s doors and to celebrate Summer they’ve partnered up with Hendricks Gin and us here at MyCityByNight to bring you a cocktail called “Mr Whiffen’s Elixir”.

Social on Main is the brain child of Bruce Beattie, which prides itself on providing its customers with the most stylish, quality and value for money bar and restaurant in Johannesburg. I popped around to the venue last week and can vet the above statement after stuffing my face with some of the best grub on offer in the city, washing it down with several mugs of the well-thought out Mr Whiffen’s Elixer.

Since moving from Cape Town to Jozi, I’ve found that residents of the City of Gold tend to be stuck with very little option when it comes to cocktails crafted out of an appreciation for the art of mixology – often having to down sugary drinks that taste like the bottom of a 5 year old’s sweet laden party pack. This is definitely not the case when it comes to this particular Hendricks Gin based cocktail, not overpowering the senses and appreciating each ingredient for the role they play in balancing the overall taste.

The ingredients for Mr Whiffen’s Elixer are as follows;

  • A good slug of Hendricks Gin.
  • Quinetum Quinine Cordial (not actually available for sale in South Africa, other than in this cocktail)
  • Homemade ginger syrup.
  • Squeeze of fresh lime and fresh mint served over crushed ice.
  • Served up in a goblet, to ensure your thirst is quenched

It’s a refreshing summer cocktail, perfect for sipping as a sundowner. It’s made to be quaffable in perfect Hendricks gin style! Social on Main is already well known for their Gin cocktails and now with this delicious addition I’m pretty sure you’re going to be drinking a whole bucket load of these, especially considering how the cocktail’s name Mr Whiffen’s Elixer rolls off the tongue…get sipping!!


Below you’ll find the Hendricks Gin-O-Meter, which is your platform to vote on the cocktail of choice – the Social on Main Mr Whiffen’s Elixer. By voting and leaving your name in the comments box below you stand the chance of winning some stellar Hendricks Gin sponsored prizes including:

1x Cultivation kit (plant your own cucumber tree seeds)

1x Miniature bottle

1x Notebook

1x Coaster set

Just do it peeps… Jozi needs your love! (WINNER ANNOUNCED ON FRIDAY 26TH DECEMBER)

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