Social Media in SA- Is your brand New York or is it Coachella?

Social media is starting to attract the attention of major brands as an avenue to reach consumers. However, what many South African brands fail to realise is that digital and social media strategy is never a one size fits all type of solution. As a brand I think it is important to decide whether you want to be New York City or Coachella. I’ll elaborate.

New York City is always on. There is an eternal flow of low-budget variations of great shows permeating from anywhere that can house a stage and some lights. There is always somewhere to find something to eat, anytime of the day or night. Groupon is a good example of the social media equivalent of New York City. Users know that by visiting a site like this they will be rewarded by a deal of some sort, daily. Sometimes these deals are so great that they create organic chatter on social networks like Facebook and Twitter, getting the brand out there in a way that is positive, but not forced. This works for some companies as a strategy.

If you aren’t wanting to be switched on all the time, you’ll want to devise a digital strategy as if you represented Coachella. Coachella is an awesome music festival that happens once a year. It has holograms of Tupac and other dead artists performing their greatest hits. It is a little known fact that brands are most effective when they use social media to drive shares, purchases and brand discovery around a special event- like Coachella. And like any quality festival, the peak of excitement comes and goes- your campaign needs to be exclusive, your campaign needs to be special, your campaign needs holograms.

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    1. Or maybe I shouldn’t do a part 2 with what I think the solutions are. Hmm

  1. This piece feels like an intro…not even a part 1. I would absolutely build on it.

    1. Thanks Schiptumalu and Von Lurie! I’ll be doing a second part for sure then 🙂

  2. Yeah, I’d add more. Not sure if you saying one is better than the other, or if they both have merit depending on how well you structure and run campaign?

    On the point of comparing campaigns, and using the Coachella example, anyone who has been knows it doesn’t need Holograms, or any cheap gimmicks to deliver an exceptional experience – like your campaign should be, all the detail is well thought out, the strategy well crafted, and the delivery flawless. That’s why it sells out every year, before they announce the line-up, because it delivers awesome every time. Nailing SM campaigns like this would ensure your campaigns are not forgotten, or suffer sharp declines in interest – on the contrary, a few well run Coachella campaigns should create expectation, and the more you meet and exceed expectation, the better and more unique your offering is.

    That’s my two cents.

      1. Agreed. My next one will look at what happens if you dont decide to go the Groupon route specifically…

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