Social Media gets Carte Blanche

If any of you were watching Carte Blanche last night you would have known that it was their 22nd birthday- hooray! As a gift to all the viewers out there they decided to do an SA first and let the content of an entire show be dictated by the amount of “likes” that each potential article from a pre-determined list received on the social media platform Facebook.

As far as acting as a massive vindication for social media and the shift that the entire world is taking towards it, this show has also signified the arrival and breaking of the social media wave in South Africa. Now that we’ve started to catch up to the world as far as internet speed, mobile quality and availability is concerned you will start to see a significant increase in the usage of social media applications like twitter, facebook, ping, foursquare as full blown marketing tools that use community building to promote the brands that they are trying get to the forefront of our thoughts and google searches.

In 45 minutes the amount of fans that Carte Blanche had on Facebook had doubled along with the paycheck of Peter Griffiths, the man on their team behind the experiment. Exciting times- I dream of a world where the content and line up of TV is dictated entirely by us- the viewers!

I must however highlight the fact that the first ever story chosen by an audience of Facebook followers of a South African TV show was about Marijuana and its link to schizophrenia. Hahaha- the first time they gave us power to decide what went on TV we wanted to watch something about getting stoned- hmm. What a strange turn of events… Even the somewhat seedy Derek Watts was stoked.

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    1. Yes- true story. It was one of the story choices for the first insert on the show. It was your typical tv doc about weed, that showed peeps flipping out after smoking a doobie. Apparantly spliff COULD be linked to the likelihood of you become schizophrenic (if you are already genetically pre-disposed to do so).

      Still I think its hilarious that THIS was the choice of people who were obviously frequent users of the internet… next we need a legalise it bill to slip into the constitution- hmm- I think they should take submissions to changes in our laws based on the amount of "likes" that something receives on Facebook. We'd clearly be lighting up in coffee shops within 45 minutes 😉

  1. I think it's a very cool move on brands/companies to move into the social media arena. It is by far the best way to reach your audience and engage and understand how their point of view. There is no better way of getting the desired information you need…

    also I think this was such a killer concept, allowing the audience to choose there topic of the week. Imagine we had a channel dedicated purely to audience engagement, where the audience goes on line through social media and chooses there shows for the day, by the amount of likes/votes for the prevous day!

    Nice one Carte Blanche… BOOM!

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