So I went to Port Elizabeth last week…

on the beach...

As you all are aware- I went a wee little roadtrip up to the friendly city better know as Port Elizabeth to go and watch the Germany vs Serbia World Cup game at the Nelson Mandela Bay Stadium.

Its a drive that I havent done in quite a bit (mainly because there’s nothing in PE) and I have to say that I was pleasantly suprised by the awesomeness and great beauty of our country.

View of the private beach in PE

Anyways- once I had checked into our super sick porsie on a private beach (yeah baby) and arrived in the massive singular main road that is PE, I decided that it was time to hit one of the towns major spots (or so im told)- called Barneys. I had quite a laugh with all of the locals and once I had decided that i’d had enough beer and talk about how PE was almost as cool as Cape Town, I popped over to the Boardwalk Casino for some karaoke and poker and V-slots (i had to rock the v-slots for the appropriate level of PE gangster-ness). I was a complete hooligan and managed to offend at least 16 asians with my terrible rendition on Mariah Careys’ famous “Touch my Body”.

The Gees

Enjoying the game :)

Game day was absolutely nuts! The gees was incredible and I managed to meet a plethora of unbelievably hot girls from Serbia, Germany and of course SA. If PE is like that all the time- my ass is there at least 4 times a year (whoaa, dont get too ambitious now).

Ricky & Girls

Maybe next time, they’ll even have Patron… and the internet. hehe.

Bud... tastes like ass.

Im off to go get drunk (off of crappy American beer) and freeze my ass off in the rain at the Portugal vs DPR Korea… Ronaldo you better score! Woop woop!!

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