Snoop Dogg Reacts to Kanye Rant

Kanye West has been cancelling shows all over the place and when he does actually show up on stage he has us convinced he’s gone full nutter and Snoop Dogg agrees.
West seems to be under some duress of late as he’s been canceling and refunding shows from his St Pablo tour since October this year and when he has decided to grace the audience with his presence, it appears he’s not there to perform but to campaign. Early October he left during a show to be by Kim’s side after she was held at gun point in Paris and cancelled several shows that following week- refunding them all. Everything seemed to go well until October 22 where he disrupted a performance to rant on about the Grammys and The New York Post. He then abruptly ended another show in early November stating that his voice was too “hoarse” to continue performing and also had to refund the crowd.
But this week has been the real winner, last Thursday Yeezus halted his concert and began a 25min rant about politics and expressed that not only did he not vote but that if he had, his vote would have been in favour of Trump. He touched on the politics of music too and called out Beyoncé on her ultimatums for her VMA performance. The crowd was not impressed, fans were hurling things on stage at the artist and even leaving the venue. Yes, you guessed it, Kanye left his own show too having played only 3 songs and having to refund the crowd once again.
He then went on the next day to rant about how Mark Zuckerburg failed to pay him $53 mil to get him out of debt and about how hurt he was that Jay-Z hadn’t visited the family home since the robbery. He then posted 99 images on Instagram of zoomed in, blurry pictures of fashion items from Maison Margiela lookbooks and cancelled the rest of his tour, casually.
And we over here with Snoop like:

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