Sneak peak of The Rude Boys upcoming video “Tonight X is you Is”

Admittedly these guys are all crazy when it comes to naming their production projects (Tonight X is you Is – doesn’t really make much sense to me- maybe it made sense back in the day in New Orleans) but I have to give them a bit of shoutout for the work that they are putting in.

At MyCityByNight we’re all about featuring upcoming talent in South Africa and after having had a little listen to some of the stuff that The Rude Boys are putting out, I’m tipping them as an act to watch over the next year or so. Their management was kind enough to send over a little Youtube sneak peak of one of the upcoming videos from the Rude Boys to share with you.

I like the distinct afro-sound that these guys have and would love to see more of the local guys like The Rude Boys starting to make it in the same way that Goodluck, Pascal & Pearce, Goldfish, Flash Republic, Micasa etc have. Nothing comes without hard-work and constant improvement, so please do let us know what you think of the tracks (there’s a blend of 2 different offerings) and video…


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