Smirnoff Nightlife Exchange Video – This WILL Get You Amped!


Smirnoff Nightlife Exchange Project South Africa – Berlin And Cape Town Swap

MyCityByNight know that SA has one of THE BEST party scenes in the world and that we can rock this event like no other! As mentioned in a previous post, Smirnoff are giving you the chance to be there and all you have to do is submit your idea HERE.
The MCBN crew and readers know of a million things that represent us, so submit your ideas to help shape this unique global experience and find out how you can join the worldwide party on 27 November 2010.

So, with that said… Want to be part of something AMAZING? Want to get into a MASSIVE party mood right NOW? Want to be a proudly South African Partier on your way somewhere with the Smirnoff Crate on November 27th? Want goosebumps

Then watch this video and click on the link above to begin being part of something MASSIVE!

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    1. Well hopefully you will be! get entering! Also stayed tuned to MCBN, we may just have something special for our readers ;-D

    2. @valdette- its going to be pretty awesome! very different vibe to what we’ve seen before!

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