Smirnoff Nightlife Exchange Project South Africa – Berlin And Cape Town Swap

MyCityByNight had the pleasure of being the first to hear who the sister city to South Africa was in the Smirnoff Nightlife Exchange Project yesterday at the Grand Cafe and Beach in Granger Bay. Just another average day in the life of semi-famous bloggers really 🙂

THOSE OF YOU THAT HAVE YOUR CONFIRMATION, HERE IS ALL THE INFO YOU NEED ON WHO IS COMING AND WHAT ITS ABOUT! We’ll let Smirnoff tell you where it is and other stuff as they asked us not to say 😀 Just wait and see though, you wont be dissapointed!

Those of you following us on Twitter would have been the first to get the scoop on our adventures and seen who was chosen as the peeps in charge of keeping us grooving way into the night at what is going to be the best party that South Africa has ever seen…

Thats right MCBN’ers! The home of techno is coming to South Africa! No wait, not just South Africa.. TO CAPE TOWN BABY!

Here is the moment when the sister city for the Smirnoff Nightlife Exchange was said to  be… BERLIN! (us getting nice and cosy with Fresh & Euphonik)

A huge congratulations has to go out to the likes of local act Gazelle for being chosen to represent South Africa out in the friendly city of Berlin 🙂

The venue for the party is still to be anounced (we’re hoping for the likes of Thunder City at the Cape Town International Airport amongst some jets or even inside the massive CTICC), but we were told that wherever it is, it is sure to be converted to everything that is Berlin! Now I have been to Berlin and I have been to the legendary Love Parade, twice, and let me tell you, THEY KNOW HOW TO PARTY!!!!!!! And on top of that Berlin has just been voted as the 5th most beautiful city in the WORLD!

They wouldn’t reveal too much as they wanted to keep some things as a bit of a surprise (even from the everywhere like air MyCityByNight), but as an example, they said that for SA going to Berlin, the venue there will have hair braiders, boerie roll stands and maybe even a taxi and car guard or two- basically all things Cape Town and South Africa. As we get more snippets, we will be letting you know!

Now the part you all want to know more about- the talent coming to Cape Town…

Ladies and gentlemen, the aural pleasure coming to Cape Town for the Smirnoff Nightlife Experience are none other than ATB, Markus Schulz and Monika Kruse.


With no less that 38 albums to his name, André Tanneberger, commonly called ATB, is a German DJ, musician, and producer of Trance music, oh and lets not forget… LEGEND! According to the official world DJ rankings governed by DJ Magazine, ATB was ranked #11 in 2009. He is also ranked as world number 4 according to “The DJ List.”
With old school commercial classics like You’re Not alone and Till I Come, ATB is sure to tear up the dance floor in CT!

atb – Humanity by anouer

ATB – Gravity (2010 ATB Club Mix) by Hazardboy1


Over the last 10 years Markus Schulz has fused the individual musical identities of progressive house & trance into his own creative and now inimitable hybrid sound. Following several highly ranked positions, in 2008 Schulz punched his way into the Top 10 of DJ Magazine’s Top 100 chart, landing at no.8. In repeating the exact same achievement in 2009, he now stands, quite unequivocally, as America’s no.1 club DJ.

Markus Schulz ft. Justine Suissa – Perception (Original Mix) by MarkusSchulz

Markus Schulz – Do You Dream (Uplifting Mix) by MarkusSchulz


Monika Kruse has cooking dancefloors from Chicago to Berlin and Tokyo since 17 years. Besides her DJ acitivities the native Berliner follows her own idea of Techno Funk as producer, party host and label impressario. “Music just makes me happy,” is how Monika Kruse explains her energy level.

Monika Kruse has played an active part in german club culture since 1991, starting as resident in the Munich based Parkcafé and as a member of the Ultraschall Crew.

Now the big questions… How do you get to see them and WHERE do we get tickets?

This is a exclusive party for 4000 people and YOU CAN’T BUY TICKETS!

What you have to do is go to SmirnoffSA on Facebook (HERE), ‘Like’ the page and then add your ideas. THIS IS THE ONLY way you can get tickets…

Tick tock…



And oh ya… DRINK RESPONSIBLY (like us!)

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  1. AMPED!!!!!!!! ATB beyatches!!! im super excited like… still think they should have packed headroom, rubix qube and delicious dee’s into the crate tho….. 😛

    1. ATB!! I know… It’s insane. MARKUS SCHULZ though, he will be out of this world. Infact every DJ will be…

      Could you imagine Headroom up there, the crowd will go wild! I think we need to put that forward to Smirnoff 🙂 hehehe…

  2. I wana see mr coldharbour live! OMP its going to be super EPIC! I cant believe how many super awesome DJs is coming down to cape town. Its just… sooo cool. Fuck. Yoh MCBN hook a brother up man 🙂

    1. The world cup must have done something good because the list is now becoming endless and the whole in my wallet is getting deeper and deeper, but it’s all worth it.

      We are working on hooking up as many brothers as we can Cottle… Keep your eyes open aiiiight! 🙂

      1. Already registered and did share some ideas some time ago.
        Would be cooler winning the Grand Prize – going to Berlin hehe 🙂

  3. Where can one purchase tickets to the Smirnoff Nightlife Experience in Cape Town 27 November 2010? Am a bit lost here? LOL! Please help someone?

    1. Hey Ms. Diva the tickets aren’t for sale for this. You can only win them by going onto the Smirnoff SA Facebook page and going to the Nightlife Exchange tab amd joining. You then stand a chance of winning.

  4. I want to win a ticket pleasssssse!!!!!!!!! Someone HELP!!!!! I want to be there on the 27 November2010!!!!!!!!!

  5. Where is the Cape Town Smirnoff Nightlife Experience happening, apparently I won tickets…

  6. hoooooly******* i’m going! woooooop wooooooop! gawd! i cant wait! sorry losers …. but i have never won anything like this before!

  7. @Nikki: They will be letting everyone know this week apparently, keeping it secretive, also good 🙂 Keep your eyes open for updates from Smirnoff!!

    @Tyler: Nice one … its going to be so insane… one of the sickest parties Cape Town will ever see. Above and Beyond was AWESOME last night.


  9. Does anyone know where? is it in Grangerbay?? I need to find a place to stay or a hotel or something

  10. I got the ticket confirmation and they’ll let us know where on Friday on the invite.

  11. @Nikki & Tyler: We will get hold of Smirnoff and find out for you… 🙂 As soon as we hear from them, we will let you know!

  12. Yey I also won tickets and my bestfriend is mad at me bcoz im taking my brother lol

    1. hehehe – if I was your best friend, I would also be bleak. I am sure your brother is lank stoked though. Its going to be fantastic!!!

  13. yippee im also 1 of the lucky ones that was so excited.duno wot 2 expect.i thought it was a phoney sms at first but now im even more convinced its for real.

  14. We cant wait to see you all there! Its going to be epic! Smirnoff will let you all know the details as we have been sworn to secrecy 😀

  15. I’ve been translating the names of stuff they will be sending over….and most of the clothing posts are about leather pants!!!!

    1. HAHAHA! They are a very liberal country… After all, the Love Parade is all about Sex and Sexy! Been to it twice and trust me if its close to that, WE IN FOR THE PARTY OF A LIFETIME!

    1. and i’m all for that…as long as there’s no pics that will turn out challenging to explain

  16. PLEASE don’t tell me it’s going to be a leather pants theme or something!!!

    1. Hahaha! no, but don’t be shy to wear a leather skirt and bring a riding crop to subdue someone 😉

  17. I’m definitely doing something leather…all in the name of fun…maybe even a leather Dirndl. Hahahaha!!!!

  18. I’m not buying a leather skirt for this, NO WAY!lol
    There will definitely be evidence after, so I’m

    1. hahaha…not buying either. Let’s just say I’m reinventing an old item. Seeing as there will be pics…i best get my stories right now already

  19. I have no idea what to wear but I’m not doing leather, I guess I’m going shopping tonight…lol

  20. @Nikki @Tamlynn All i know is, I cant wait to see what you are going to be wearing after all this thought process that’s going into it!
    Godbless Smirnoff for getting the mooiness excited! WoooHooo!

    1. We MCBN… I wont need to find you, you’ll come looking for us! LMAO! Hahahaha! 😉

  21. wishful thinking….you absolutely can’t wait to see the mooiness…Hahahahahaha!!!!!!!!

  22. Of course you love mooiness…
    Question is, will the mooiness have something to look forward to???
    What do you think Tamlynn?

    1. Sprry i haven’t replied…been outa town. I’m also hoping there is something to look forward to…….

      1. Dont you mooiness worry, you will be fine… Stacky and RickyByNight will be there 😉

      2. Well Stacky & Kreg promised that we would have something to look forward to but all I have to look forward to is my ex being there 🙁

        1. Sure Smirnoff and the great DJ’s will be able to turn that frown upside down! 😀

          1. That and the hotness that Tamlynn and I have to look forward to…
            It is hotness right??? 😉

  23. Yoh! Will you have something to look forward to… Do I need to answer that?
    Ok I will… YES YOU WILL INDEED! Us! 😀

  24. Hi Stacky. Hope you doing fantastic. Just a quick question. i’m from East London and I also won tickets (massive smile on my face) does the tickets include flights/accomodation? Let me know please so that I can make arrangements today. Thanks sweets

    1. Hi Judy,

      As far as I’m aware it includes flights and accommodation. I will double check for you though and let you know asap.


  25. Hi Judy,

    Right I have been told that you need to mail and ask your questions so that they have reference of the convo etc.

    Let me know if you come right or have any probs and I will see if I can help you further.

    Mwah back at ya!


      1. That sounds exciting! See you at the party, I’ll be one of the 4000! Hahaha! You’ll spot me though! 😉

    1. Heya,i mailed that address, i didnt get any reply yet,did u get any? im frm JHB and im also 1 of the 4000!!, c u guys there…. Huggies… <>

      1. Hi Blade,

        I am sure Smirnoff will let everyone know and you will be sorted out. I personally have not had to mail as I have VIP media tickets and was not part of the winning process.
        As with Judy, I will do my best to help get you answers.


        PS Judy gave a Mwah and you gave huggies… This day is rocking!

        1. @Judy & Stacky, ThankZ guys for making me ever more ready4dis Ultimate JOL!! Where u guys there last wknd4da Other Smirnoff A&B Event, A&B r good, but they cant compare2Tiėsto and Armin, those DJs Kno how 2 rock a crowd… I cant wait 4 this wknd!! Gonna B German Awesumnezz = Ehrfürchtig Smirnoff…..

  26. Hey i got a sms from them this morning. Said i must reply to the sms but my contract is blocked. Can i send back from a different number? I dont want to loose the tickets i won!!

    1. Hi Francois,

      Not sure, if you can. Give it a try. Maybe copy everything thats written in that text to you and send it from another phone.
      Dunno how they working it though, maybe it looks for confirmation from cell number that matches.

      Sorry mate, thats all i can offer.

      email them at



  27. Got a reply from smirnoff regarding tickets.. flights not included…its Orait, no issues. Thank the Good Lord for credits
    Busy booking my flight as we speak. Cant wait!! Super Super excited

    Stacky, Blade and very one else who will be there, if you see a gal wearing nuthing but a bikini bottom, that’s me. B sure to come say “HEY”

    Mwah y’all

    1. Judy,

      I need you to know that you are now in trouble. you shall be hunted down and photographed for the MyCityByNight Mooiness feature if that’s what you are going to be wearing!

      Just look up to the VIP section and keep your eyes out for the tall dark handsome guy with a cheap camera and sipping on a cosmo… I’ll be next to him looking even better! Wave and you shall become a MCBN Mooiness!

      Be sure to mail us at on your arrival and we will welcome you to CT MyCityByNight style!

      See you Saturday party fans!


    2. Hey Judy, WOW nothing but a bikini, mmmmm , thats sounds really nice n Sutle 😉 def il come say Yelo n Nice 2 ya 😉 Mwah Judes n Stacky… Cat W8, Urgh its only Tuesday yet….

        1. @Stacky – o gosh, dat jus shows me how ovawrked n how desperate i need 2 go 4 dis event 4 a lifetime 😛

          tho stacky – plz ask smirnoff dat im frm jhb, n i need 2 kno if ive book n arrange stuff 4 cpt n stuff/// 😛

          blade aka shebin \\\ |3–>>> ///

          1. Yes you need to book and arrange your own flights and accommodation unless they told you otherwise.

  28. Hi All,

    I have spoken to the super powers that be and anyone that has won a ticket, unless you have been told your flights etc included (apparently an elite few) you need to organise yourself flights and accomadation.

    Also, they have promised all email will be answered.

    See you Saturday!


  29. Morning Stacky. How u doing today babes? I’ll be sure to look out for u Saturday (no doubt). And the reason why I’m wearing just a bikini bottom is to show off my new Boobs… OMW cant wait just 2 more sleeps.

    1. HOLY SHIT, I am doing great now! You? Great start to the morning! Run us through the colour of the bikini, and what else to look for… apart from the 34C’s 😉 Hahahaha!
      So I assume all your flights and accommodation sorted? Who you bringing with you?
      Seems like there are loads of flights and places to stay for people coming from out of town. Thought it would’ve been more of a logistical nightmare than it has been!

    2. @Judy – Ahem… I’ll be there too… and my moustache- thats gotta count for something 😉

  30. Hey Guys….Mwah

    Colour bikini…(Yellow). the friend I’ll be brining with she is…, well I was always told to always take a extra toy with incase your new one plays HARD to get” .. if you get my drift

  31. Hey can’t wait for saturday so what can i wear waht do Berlin peeps wear?


    1. anything short, revealing and made of leather or pvc 😀
      or they just wear nothing, depends really 😀

      1. @ Stacky…you would probably prefer the last option.I did some research n they normally wear really normal clothes.

        @ missperfect…in the name of fun, just roll with whatever. make an impression,go big and don’t give a shit

  32. Wish they can send the sms they promised already. I’ve booked my flights all thats left is accomodation. I need an idea of where the Jol will be so i can book close to where the event will be at.

  33. Has anyone received any details about tomorrow yet???
    It’s after 12pm and the event is tomorrow, they can’t make uas wait even longer man!
    Stacky be a sweetheart and see what you can find out for me pwetty pwease 🙂
    At least time so I know when to pick up my friend

  34. And what about venue???
    I need to know since I have to be there at 8pm, can Stacky in his briliance give us a venue so we know where to arrange accomodation and to work out travel time and sort out maps and whatever else we need?

    1. Seriously????????????
      At least it’s close to home…i could always crawl if the legs decide they’d had enough

  35. Stacky deserves a big, wet, luscious MWAH!
    Remember when you said we’ll come looking for you?
    You bet your brilliant butt I’ll find you and pay up…
    It was wishfull thinking before but now you’ve proven yourself worthy…;)

    1. hahaha! i like to read this thread to check all the blatant flirting going on! its the best! well i’ll take the pictures of anything luscious giving Stacky all sorts of “rewards” 🙂

      1. At least he won’t be able to say we just used him for what we could get. Hard work deserves to be rewarded after all… 😉

  36. Cant wait for tomorrow! gonna be epic 😀 it at bellville velodrome??
    also dress-code please..
    see ya’ll at the party of the year!

  37. It’s at the Bellville Velodrome @ 8pm. Just got my ticket.

    CANNOT wait!

    It is going to be EPIC!


      1. why am i finding old stuff then 🙁 haha u should update the event so it shows its happened

        1. How did you find this if it was so old? I don’t really know how we would update the event to show it has happened… So unfortunately we cannot do that. haha

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