Smirnoff Experience Winners Are…

The winners are:


Sandi Churchyard for the insane amount of @tagging you did on Facebook for Smirnoff and MyCityByNight.

Cape Town:

Roxy for the funniest way we have ever heard of passing an exam! Although Dutch courage does help when its an acting exam and Smirnoff is a great choice! (Not that we condone drinking pre exam any scrutineers that may be reading this)

We hope you and the lucky person you take, have a HUGE party!

You will both be mailed with all the info we need and that you need.

See you there!

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  1. Pleasure to you both…

    Now all you have to do is RAVE AS HARD as you can. It wont be hard though, this Friday/Saturday is going to be INSANE! 🙂

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