Smirnoff BE THERE presents Armin van Buuren’s A State of Trance 500 Tour

Current MixMag Top 100 DJ top spot occupier & superstar dj Armin van Buuren has chosen South Africa as one of his destinations for his A State Of Trance Episode 500 (ASOT500) World Tour & MyCityByNight is bloody freaking excited to say the least.

The world’s number one DJ, Armin van Buuren, is teaming up with the new authority to in global entertainment Smirnoff to travel 5 continents, 5 cities to provide the world with 5 of the hottest party nights ever seen before in a month long tour from 19 March – 18 April 2011, which will include stops in South Africa, Europe, USA, South America and Australia.

Kreg & I know Armin fairly well & have sacrificed at least 104 goats between the two of us to recgonise his complete awesomeness. AvB produces the planet’s biggest & most listened to radio show entitled A State Of Trance, which improves millions of peoples rather boring lives on a weekly basis giving them the best in uplifting & progressive trance- leading them to feel happy and in dire need of sacrificing a goat.

Armin van Buuren’s ‘A State of Trance’ has seen unbelievable success in the eight years since it was launched, reaching an estimated 10-million listeners in 26 countries and over 30 radio stations and via satellite and internet radio stations. Its big- in every sense of the word. Fans worldwide will be able to tune into ‘A State of Trance’ & send through special dedications as we celebrate its 500th episode. (in fact I’m busy listening to episode 250 & the fully emotional dedications about how ASOT is more than just a music show right now- wooooohooooo!)

Adrian Petersen of Smirnoff South Africa had this to say-

“It’s been an incredible year for Smirnoff, and to be alongside the world’s number one DJ, Armin van Buuren, for his celebration of ‘A State of Trance 500 Tour’ we are excited to bring yet another once-in-a-lifetime experience to South Africa. We have recently hosted the Smirnoff Nightlife Exchange Project, which was a phenomenal success and once again resetting the benchmark for Smirnoff globally. South Africa can expect an outstanding performance from Armin and other world-class DJ’s.  In addition to the music, the venue itself will be supported by a mind-blowing Smirnoff production.”

MyCityByNight agrees with him- this is going to be shit-hot! We had the pleasure of seeing AvB tear up the Godskitchen Boombox last year & I think I actually shed a tear mid-set. Armin van Buuren, who has been ranked as the world’s number one DJ for four years running in the leading DJ Mag top 100 poll (which is mad), will be the fifth top international talent brought to South Africa by Smirnoff SA in the last year. Smirnoff brought South Africa the likes of Tiësto for the Smirnoff Experience Mashup Street, DJ Sasha for Smirnoff Experience, Above & Beyond as Smirnoff presented Godskitchen and Monika Kruse, ATB and Markus Schulz who recently brought Berlin’s Nightlife alive for the ambitious Smirnoff Nightlife Exchange Project. – Smirnoff SA bless your freaking soul!

Now onto the details

Jozi has been chosen as the city to represent SA & Africa and this will be the opening event of the global tour come 19 March 2011.  Tickets can be bought from Computicket NOW.

For more information log on to

Not for Sale to Persons under the Age of 18. Drink Responsibly.

Looks like MyCityByNight Cape Town is making another mission up to Jozi to join the boys & girls up there for a little bit of history making!!! We are not missing this for the world!!!! Cheap flights booked now for the win!!


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  1. Cannot wait!! Gona be awesome seeing Armin again!!
    Does anyone know yet what other artists/DJ’s will be performing with him?

    1. These details arent available just yet but as soon as we know ANYTHING we’ll be sure to let you & all the other MCBN Alumni out there know!!! Yaaay! Will be cool to party with you again Valdette!! 🙂

      1. Great!
        Can’t wait to hear the actual line up 🙂
        There were some rumors about DeadMau5 and Paul v Dyk coming in 2011 also…

        1. @Valdette – DeadMau5 isnt a rumour 😉

          Promoters are currently battling it out to see who gets him… once again- you’ll be the first to know 🙂

          1. Ah man, that’s sooo freaking cool!!
            Would be awesome checking the Mau5 in action – some of his sets look amazing 🙂

  2. ASOT party’s gonna be awesome with AvB. Also hope the rumours of PvD are true….can’t wait to see him again !!!

  3. This is gonna be the trance event of 2011!!! I absolutely cannot wait!!

  4. I got 6 goats waiting to be sacrificed in the name of armin!! wooohooo!!! baaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa

  5. state of trance! Avb live! Beyond imagination! Cnt xplain da xtc n joy n da dril inma system wen i thnk of dis event! Mcbn love u guys c ya’al der!

    1. Hardhouse- its going to be fairly epic. We’re just waiting for all the agencies to get back from holidays and then we’re going to try and put a little something cool together for all you alumni (thats just how we role) 🙂

  6. mcbn wen u guys putin sumthn out 4us guys…its lyk u ppl hav stolen ma slp…i thnk of asot i thnk of mcbn n i cnt get no sleep!

  7. ASOT500 line up for show on April 9th in Holland was revealed yesterday
    Quite a number of top DJ’s…
    Have a looky here:

    Just hope some of these guys are on the SA line up also like Cosmic Gate, Gareth Emmery, Markus Schulz & Aly & Fila

    Cannot wait for this!!
    Also waiting to see what MCBN can put together – sure there’ll be a chance to win some them tickets… 🙂

    1. Nice find there Valdette!! Wowzers, this is truely going to be an epic experience… The MCBN crew is meeting up with Smirnoff SA today, so all will be revealed come next week! 🙂

  8. Can’t wait to hear who the line up will be for Jozi. So freaking excited now!!! Shot for the info Valdette girl 🙂

  9. MyCityByNights Tweets and FB are saying AVB in CT March 17 – please confirm. My heart’s beating so fast right now. Was just about to book my ticket to JHB. But if he’s coming to CT I’ll save all that money and have more to splurge on myself (“,)…………

    1. I very much doubt it as the ASOT500 Roadshow happening, is only in 5 countries, 5 different cities
      So if there’s a show in CT, it would make that 6 cities
      So not sure where this info is coming from

      Unless Armin is gona be here a few days before the time and play at some club a “show” not forming part of the official ASOT500 thingy if that makes sense LoL

      1. We never lie Valdette 🙂 except about penis size and about how much we’ve had to drink haha

        1. Didn’t say you were lying Ricky! Lol
          My reply was way before I saw your updates…

          Glad it’s confirmed! Like I said, sure a lot of CT guys will be happy about this – specially now that they don’t have to travel all the way to Jozi to see Armin

          Rather bad luck though for those fela’s who already made bookings etc to come to Jozi 🙂

    2. It has been confirmed… Yes thats right… Armin is coming to Cape Town because he loved it sooo much last time 🙂

      5 cities in the world??? eh we’ll make it 6 just for the Mother City 😉


  10. 17th March – CAPE TOWN BABY!!!!!!
    Armin is coming to the mother city!
    Stay tuned for all the details this weekend!

  11. I do see now on the Smirnoff SA FB page that they made an update earlier lol
    Not sure why i missed that update…
    But looks like it’s gona be an “invite only” event…
    In a way, that’s cool but it really does SUCK if you don’t receive that invite…
    Good Luck all CT ppl

  12. Looks like it will be a 6 city event
    Check that states the 17th March 2011 as the official kickoff date, but nothing has been mentioned about CT

    Although, i am pretty sure that CT would not be a invite only event imho

    1. There is no mention becuase its only been release directly to us from Smirnoff and Armin now. 😀
      17th March in CT.
      Venue to be confirmed.
      Invite and also giveaways. You will be needing to buy product from Spar’s. However I will confirm all this with everyone in a post soon.

  13. This is such bad news for those of us living in Jozi! I can’t believe it 🙁
    And by invite only. I guess I can write this one off 🙁
    Hope everyone in Cape Town enjoys tho, happy for you guys!!

    1. Hey Maureen! Thinking you’re not on the same page here lol 🙂
      Armin still coming to Jozi on the 19th of March at MTN Expo Center
      He’s just now playing an extra show in Cape Town also… well, just because he can hehe

      Eish, they can’t want to cancel 19 March in Jozi – my tickets are already booked!

      1. Thanks for clearing that up Valdette! I just read HE’S COMING TO CAPE TOWN NOW, so I thought now, meant INSTEAD! lol!!! YAY, my Monday was nearly totally ruined! 🙂

        1. Lol!! We’ll blame it on the fact that it’s Monday… 🙂
          Glad I could be of some assistance with making sure your Monday was not completely ruined

        2. Its only the Cape Town show that will be an invite only affair… No stress 🙂 hehe

  14. heya guys watsup…longtymm…lol kinda cwtup at work doin duble shift so i can b off for asot and not miss asot!

  15. Hey guys

    I have bought golden circle tickets allready for the smirnoff party presenting Mr. Armin van Buuren for the 19 March 11, just wanted to know if there is any back stage passes or how can we get Mr. van Buurens signature or even a photo with him please ? I know you get alot of request from all over, I will pay for the back stage or VIP tickets if there is any…Mr. van Buuren is my IDOL, it would just my my whole life PLEASE

    Thank you guys and looking forward to the AWSOME NIGHT to come whoo hoo

    1. Hi Carina,

      getting backstage is going to be near impossible. The VIP tickets we have are for the Smirnoff area and not for backstage. Our media tickets will allow partial backstage. His management team are very strict and its proving difficult for people to even get interviews with him. If anything changes and there is anyway we can make you dream come true, we will try!

      Its gonna be a great party!

      1. do u have tickets to sell i need 2 desperately and dont mind 800 or more for it

      2. do u have tickets to sell i need 2 desperately and dont mind paying 800 or more for it*

  16. Hi there

    If anyone has VIP for sale please let me know …Or know of anyone that might have.

    Thank you so so much

    Much love

    1. Hi Vicky

      I do have VIP tickets available for the Jhb event.

      You can call me on 082 596 7753

  17. If anyone has 2 tickets to sell for ASOT in Johannesburg please let me know asap< wanted to go buy my tickets this morning and it was sold out< I have travelling arrangements made and it's really a distance to travel< really really want to go!!!!!!!! Please please please I need 2 tickets! Cant smirnoff but up a few more tickets to buy at computicket! clearly the lady didn't know how huge this event is because her computer was giving problems and due to work I only got time today to go back! please! Mail me if you want to sell 2 tickets! ifsmirnoff can release a few ticket I know it would make a lot of people happy!

  18. I am in desperate need for two tickets for the JHB show 19 March……….PLEASE HELP!!!!

  19. @muneer or any1, i want 2 tickets desperately ill pay 800 for 2 normal tickets or higher plz contact me on 0712384108 if u sellin

    or leave a reply i will call u

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