Smalltown Beat Is the Place to Be This Weekend – Here Are Our Top Five Reasons Why.


It’s not often a new festival pops up with so much excitement around, especially taking a chance and placing it on the same weekend on what was Cape Town’s biggest festival. But when heart, passion and love for music come together, a new type of festival is born and we’re very excited to see what Smalltown Beat has in store for Cape Town this weekend.

Imagine – 13 collectives have come together to bring you a spectacular of music and fun across 3 days at an untouched venue. The venue is about one and half hours out of Cape Town in Stanford, just passed Hermanus, so a drive is on the cards. But once you get there, you’ll be welcomed to lush green grass on the beds of a beautiful lake. The DJ box and dancefloor will be perfectly situated around this.

If that hasn’t swooned you then let’s get onto our top FIVE reasons why Smalltown Beat is the place to be this week…


If you don’t know Palm Trax, then we suggest you do some homework. We’ve been lucky enough to catch him overseas and it was an unforgettable set. He’s headlining the debut Smalltown Beat with a debut South African show. Check out his Dekmantal set here to get a better understanding of what to expect…


I know we touched on this in the intro to this post but the venue is an absolute stunner, check the video below. With beautiful green grass, a beautiful lake and ample space for your dance away under the sun makes this venue the perfect getaway. Just over an hour and a half drive, you’re going to reach Rivers End for an experience you’re never going to forget

Smalltown Beat: Venue gold

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Posted by Smalltown Beat on Sunday, 26 August 2018


Yes, you read that right, we even capitalised it. Smalltown Beat have allowed booze into the campsite for the 3 day period, please be understanding of their rules and make sure you DO NOT bring any GLASS into the venue. There will be ample bar space courtesy of Carbon Events and their service throughout the weekend. Remember, between 2 – 10 am, the bars will be closed due to alcohol rules and regulations, so make sure you have your pre-drink ready for those colder hours.


Smalltown Beat are keeping it clean and implementing a R50 deposit on their trash bags. On arrival, you’ll receive a black bag & a code, which will cost you R50, once you leave and hand over your full black bag of trash, and your code and you’ll receive your R50 back. Great initiative and I think a lot of festivals can learn from this. Again, festival goers, please respect the venue and keep your space clean.



When you have 13 collectives, across three stages, coming together to bring you one event, you can expect a level of passion to flow through which is evident from the offset, the marketing, the way they have gone about the promotion of the event. It’s exciting to see Cape Town come together in this manner and provide their audience with an experience of this type. It’s been limited to 2,000 people and they’re at about 1900 tickets sold for their first event, so do NOT miss out the opportunity to say you were at the FIRST Smalltown Beat.

You’ll be able to entertain yourself with various options throughout the weekend with the options ranging from swimming and blow up toys, volleyball, croquet and more! A wide variety of clothing stalls and markets will be on display should you feel the need to pick out something nice.

There you have it, our top 5 reasons why Smalltown Beat is the place to be. If you haven’t already, get your tickets now. For everything, you need to know about this weekend’s shakedown click here.


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