Slikour releases “Millionaire Shake” & brings local music to the mass market via his store

Local hip hop maestro Slikour (one of the founding members of Skwatta Kamp) is set to release his brand new single Millionaire Shake via an exciting and relatively new platform aimed at bringing local music to the masses (legally). The platform is a digital music one stop shop called the 37618 Store – named after the shortcode used on any mobile device with an internet connection to purchase music from users favourite artists for R7,50. By simply texting the name of the song to 37618 users receive a download link to the song and within a few seconds they have it on their phone.

With the emergence of music purchase platforms like iTunes and streaming services like Spotify, music chain stores have had a hard time competing in the digital world. However, with a very small number of South Africans owning mobile devices with access to iTunes, a large portion of cell phone users aren’t currently being catered for when it comes to music and this is where 37618 comes in. Slikour is also dropping his new single this tomorrow, which he’s making available free for download for 1 hour between 9pm and 10pm from After that, the new single is available for purchase from the pioneering new digital music store, the 37618 Store and also iTunes.

“Since starting Slikouronlife, I’ve been inundated with talented artists submitting content because they don’t have a place to sell their music. The growth of hot local talent is literally off the charts but we desperately need more support for these artists and we have to find ways to get the music to the people,”

– says Slikour.

I don’t know about you, but I’m excited about the new single and the work that local artists are putting into the cultivation of our own South Africa digital networks that are inclusive of more than just a niche market.

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