Slainte Sports Bar Restaurant Green Point

One of the managers over at Slainte, one of the latest additions to Cape Town’s global food menu, got hold of me on Twitter the other day to ask whether I would be keen to come and check it out. Slainte has been open for the past two months and had been on my list of places to check out over Summer, given that I had driven past it about a million times, wondering what the hell it was.

Having occupied the space previously held by Café Sofia, I assumed that Slainte would follow in a similar vein, offering a food service of some sort. I was right- but really, I could not have been more wrong about my expectations around exactly what the place was all about. When I arrived I noticed that the space had been remodeled to seem more open with the addition of a bar, seating and a few big screens to catch up on all of the sport you fancy. Yes, it is essentially a sports bar/pub that converts to allow for a small dj booth and dancefloor to help you shake off all of the 2012 work blues. Slainte has just launched their brand new cocktail menu, which is the driving force behind their Wednesday night parties. From what I experienced on the night, you can pretty much come to expect models, some good house tunes in the background, sport, cocktails and also really good food.

It’s Irish pub food and when I say pub food- I really don’t mean that it is at all greasy. In no way does the food at Slainte leave you feeling like you’ve given birth to a Mexican through your asshole the next day. It’s quite the opposite actually- every single thing I tasted was amazingly prepared and better than anything I’ve ever had in an establishment that claims to be at all related to a pub.

They’re brand new and situated on the trendy Somerset Road in Greenpoint- with the only problem being the lack of parking. I’m making it my mission to try all of the cocktails on their menu before the end of Summer- maybe by then, it’ll be like that place where everyone knows my name. You can catch up with up with them on Twitter or pop around anytime (especially on Wednesday nights) to have a quality munch and a beer or for the mooiness- a cocktail 😉

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