SLABOFMISUSE Remix EP and Launch Party!


Today marks the release of the SLABOFMISUSE Remix EP on naasMUSIC

The 5 track EP includes remixes by Desert Head, Thor Rixon, Life Magic, Seafood ∆∆∆ and RVWR. It is available for free download from the SLABOFMISUSE Soundcloud page. Click here to head over to SLAB’s Soundcloud page: (click here)

The release coincides with a launch event at The Assembly on Wednesday 14 August 2013

The event will be headlined by SLABOFMISUSE himself with support acts including Seafood ∆∆∆, Thor Rixon, Life Magic and SYNW residents B# and 4th. To find out more, follow this link and click attending on the Facebook Event: (click here)

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Linton Davids aka SLABOFMISUSE is a Mixed Media Artist and Music Producer from Cape Town, South Africa.

The organized chaos of his artwork and music are unequivocally conjoined. The elements of his work that make you the most uneasy conversely provide the focal point that attracts you to an image or beat he has created. Uncertain of what you are looking at, what you are hearing – you are compelled to discover more.

SLABOFMISUSE is part of the illustrious South African beat-making crew, Gravy. He has multiple successful releases under his belt with his latest self-titled EP release garnering heavy weight industry respect. A remix EP is scheduled for release on 13 August 2013 via naasMUSIC Electronic featuring remixes by Seafood ∆∆∆ ( Dank + CardOnSpokes ), Life Magic, Thor Rixon, Desert Head and RVWR. The EP release will be showcased on 14 August 2013 at The Assembly.

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