Skrillex sets his hair on fire trying to blow out his birthday cake candles

skrillex sets hair on fire

I quite like Skrillex but there’s no getting around it, setting your hair alight while blowing out your birthday cake candles isn’t a very rockstar thing to do. During the young Grammy Award-winning producer’s birthday celebrations last night, Skrillex leaned forward to blow out the candles on his cake and managed to set himself on fire. Unlike Michael Jackson, he didn’t go up in flames (is silicone flammable?) and managed to get the situation under control relatively quickly, quelling the hair blaze.

To be fair, he handled it quite well and had a proper laugh about it afterwards. Can’t wait for him to get here, so we can all see him live!!!

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  1. Insane man, hold it back, hold it back while you blow out your candles, I always do!!!

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