Skrillex plays the guitar with Above & Beyond in a LA Acoustic show

skrillex above & beyond

Two of the World’s most loved EDM acts, Skrillex and Above & Beyond made history this weekend by taking part in a first time ever, fully acoustic show at the Greek Theatre in Los Angeles.  Fans at the show got to hear unplugged editions of their favorite Above and Beyond or Oceanlab tracks with vocalists such as Zoe Johnston belting out the classic choons to a packed house.

As if that wasn’t cool enough they also got to see a surprise guest appearance by Sonny Moore a.k.a. Skrillex joined Above and Beyond on stage.

In the video, Tony is laying down the vocals for “Black Room Boy” off of the Group Therapy album as Skrillex accompanies him accompanies him on the electric guitar. I loved seeing Skrillex and Above Beyond live and I can’t even imagine what the crowd felt when they saw this once in a lifetime performance.

Check out the video over HERE.

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