Skazi Live in Cape Town – Disasterpiece DESTRUCTION!


OH MY GOD! To all who said he was shit and shouldn’t come back to South Africa. I guess we all at Disasterpiece got REALLY lucky then. What ever! Skazi came out onto the decks after Cape Town’s favourites Frozen Ghost (Oh how I have missed his sets, Mr Ghost please tell us the name of that Freakazoid track you played) and absolutely destroyed the Cape Town dancefloor for 3 hours. 1 and half hour live and one and half hour DJ set. The live set was mind blowing and his tunes were out of this world. Some I had never heard of before. His interaction with the crowd was amazing and had them eating out of his hands… If I could say Skazi was one of the best live acts I have ever seen, BELIEVE IT!


Pretty kuk hey? Well done again Disasterpiece and Skazi for one amazing time. I didn’t leave the dance-floor once, so thanks again!

What an amazing event 🙂

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  1. Whatever. He was so shit. If you call that a “good” and “mindblowing” set then there is no hope for the Cape Town trance scene. sigh.

    1. Each to their own I guess. Was heavy, and not my personal flavour, but still the peeps love him and he clearly is doing something right 😀

      1. Fred: As Stacky said, each to their own… Who would u like to see? I didnt enjoy his DJ set, but his LIVE set was rocking. You seem to be the only one who didn’t enjoy his set, surely there are a few others, but right now, you the only one I have heard of that didnt enjoy it.

        Sorry you had such a shit time…

        Oh and by the way, their is massive hope for the PSY scene in CT, you need to have a look at your next few events you go to…

        Groovy Troopers: 6 internationals…
        Vortex 3 – 5 December (Now a 3 day) 6 international DJ’s
        Beartrap/MMD – 3 International DJ’s…

        To me that shows the scene is doing something right and that the list of DJ’s coming down, including D Maniac, ORca, Tryamabaka, Absolum, Cosmosis, Promethus to name a few are showing we doing something well

        Once again, sorry you didnt enjoy it as much as I did…


        1. haha, if you are fed up with the future of psy, why dont you come join me at the next rave there Fred!!??

          We call it how we see it here at MyCityByNight, you are allowed to disgree with what we say! Just try make it a tad more constructive the next time 😉

  2. After not wanting to go because of the type of psy Skazi plays, BUT those okes rocked it! Totally blown away! The music in the night was disappointing, but during the day…. wow. 🙂

  3. As a raver I had such a sick morning and day yesterday! My god ears are still ringing! That was loud! Awesome!

    1. They had like 300 (well not really, but you know what I mean) bouncers on the stage at the time, watching out, hahahaha…

      1. @psylover- wait… someone said they were going to give him a cream pie???! yassis these psy people are crazy- throwing in jorno finishing moves for dj’s they dont like.

        1. U didnt read the previous thread on the last skazi post, take ur mind out the gutter..

          1. haha- I missed that one. Still doesnt excuse the use of “end with” and “cream pie” in the same sentence… You know me though Kreg- my mind hasnt left the gutter since that “incident” in grade 3…

  4. @karel: Daytime, WOW!!! Jester played a more down tempo, chilled out Jester set to his usual but was still full of rolling, growling basslines and chucky morning beats!

    @Neil G: Hope you had a good time, must have been nice winning a free ticket Skazi! Check back at our other competitions we have running hey 😉

    @Benjamin: One of the loudest sound rigs I have heard all year, thank god they had to turn it down every now and then, otherwise I wouldnt be able to hear now… hahahaaa

  5. still have no idea what happened…. still not yet on solid foods. biggest jol ive been to. ripped that up!

  6. Cause us ou’s in the front right were going to mental to film it…

    Thank goodness someone did film something, cause this is POWER!!

  7. AWESOME live performance… i prefer it harder but the live instruments and on stage (never mind crowd) energy was amazing!

    1. Yeah agreeeeed! Awesome live performance, I was even sceptical to go because of it “being Skazi” – thank god I did!

      Also dig my harder music but we were treated to a lekker show!

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