Watch | Siya Kolisi is the first South African to star in a global Adidas campaign

Siya Kolisi

Siya Kolisi has made history yet again as the first South African athlete to take the lead role in a global Adidas campaign.

The company recently unveiled it’s latest campaign film titled, Ready for Sport: The Anthem. The campaign was launched in celebration of the return of sports and reflects on some recent sporting history and how sport as a whole can unite people across the world. The film opens with a statement exclaiming that sport might not be the answer but goes on to explore how it can bring communities together through a montage of emotional clips.

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The 60-second featured is entirely narrated by South African rugby star, Siya Kolisi, who made history as the first Black man to be appointed Test captain of the South African team in 129 years of rugby. Kolisi went on to lead the South African team to victory as they were crowned world champions against England in 2019.

“Sports might not be the answer right now, but it teaches us that impossible challenges must be faced and overcome. Now that sport is back, we can’t waste this chance. We should be playing with more heart and more fire because nobody knows what the future holds. Opportunities will come, and we must be ready”

Watch Kolisi take the lead in Adidas’s new campaign below and read more on the latest local news, right here.

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