Six Unmissable Features of Alcazar New Year’s Eve in Cape Town

Six Unmissable Features of Alcazar New Year's Eve

International travel collective, Big 7 Travel recently announced the ‘Best New Year’s Eve Destinations in the World‘ for 2020 with Cape Town making the top 10. With so many big events hosted over NYE, it’s easy to see why. One NYE celebration, in particular, is the prime example of what makes certain events in Cape Town, world-class!

Alcazar NYE has quickly become synonymous with attracting an intercontinental crowd of party-goers and trendsetters, making it arguably the most internationally attended NYE event in the Mother City and for several reasons. Created by the undisputed masters of experiential, art-immersive partying; Bazique Festival and Wolfkop Weekender; Alcazar NYE has firmly established itself as the most anticipated inner-city New Year’s Eve Experience in Cape Town – and here’s why…

Six Unmissable Features of Alcazar NYE

1) The Venue
This fantasy-style New Year’s Eve celebration will take place at Alcazar’s idyllic venue situated at the foot of Table Mountain offering the ultimate city immersive, year-end experience! Set amongst one of the most beautiful backdrops the world has to offer… dance to the sunset and the moon rise as you bid 2019 farewell.


2) Three Art Immersive Stages 
Alcazar’s ‘creative brain trust’ comes from Cape Town’s masters of experiential partying, Wolkop Weekender and Bazique Festival, so whether it’s the astonishing large scale stage architecture of the ‘Palace of Alcazar’ outdoor stage or the more intimate floor with the Wolfkop Family, expect all-round, beautifully curated and immersive experiences replete with 3D mapping, bedazzled Cirque-style performance artists and a wide range of electronic music styles.

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3) Bazique’s Le Fee Verte
One of the jewels in the crown of Bazique Festival, Le Fee Verte – a decadent den of nu-disco and funk, will be the New Year’s haven for those who like rocking it wonky in a more intimate environment. Expect an immersive electric ballroom, Champagne bar and revue set in a louche 1920’s Paris style nightclub setting – a modern Moulin Rouge for naughty night owls with all the theatrics!


4) No Under 21’s – But Let you Inner Child Go Wild!
Alcazar NYE is a fun playground for adults only, which makes it even more appealing. With its world-class production and performance art, Alcazar attracts a more discerning crowd of Cape Town’s party elite, as well as visitors from around the world, making it arguably the most internationally attended NYE event in the Mother City and even the country! While this event is strictly for 21+, that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t channel your inner wild child!

5) Banging VIP Options
The organisers have curated a variety of lavish VIP Options available starting with their accessible VIP experience passes which give you full access to the event as well as to the VIP Bar and bathrooms. The VVIP ticket offers private seating area overlooking the main dancefloor and secluded tables for romantic moments. It wouldn’t be world-class without bottle service and platters of sushi, which is included in the VVIP ticket. There are even Moroccan-styled, private Bell Tent Lounges on offer as well.

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6) It’s Great When It’s Late
Not only does Alcazar’s fantastic and convenient location and age restriction make it the perfect late-night celebration, but the music, dancing and bars don’t stop until 4 am, so you can kick the new year off with a dance party marathon and go home just before the sun comes up.

Don’t miss out on a spectacular year-end full of mischevious encounters this New Year’s Eve at Alcazar. For more information, follow the links below and read more on Alcazar’s full lineup right here.





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