Sir David Attenborough narrates AdIele’s Hello & It’s Great

attenborough narrates adele hello

Sir David Attenborough is a proper legend of wildlife conservation and understanding nature, blessed with one of the most relaxing and dulsit tones ever to be bestowed on a human being. In his latest effort, he’s jumped on the bandwagon of taking the piss out of Adele’s brand new hit ballad Hello (which has been causing women around the country to get moody and cry and stuff) by offering up an alternate narration of the song.

In the narration he picks up on the smallest of details including her flip phone and the perceived green tint that the whole World has – what an absolute champ. He’s got to be one of our all-time favourites and there’s no ways that Adele could even be mad that he bothered to take some time out to give her a bit of a roast on Greg James’ BBC Radio 1 show.

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