Sir Alex feels the burn in an interview with Jon Snow

sir-alex-ferguson jon snow

This is a really tough video to watch as a Manchester United fan like me, but it is incredibly interesting because it shows Sir Alex Ferguson off in a way that hasn’t been done in the past. Usually firm and steadfast in his interviews, Fergie was really caught off guard by some of the questions posed to him by journalist Jon Snow during an interview about his upcoming autobiography.

The book is said to contain the inside scoop to a couple of the big stories and characters from Old Trafford including the likes of Roy Keane, David Beckham, Cristiano Ronaldo and of course good old Rafa Benitez and during the channel 4 interview, Sir Alex was made to look VERY uncomfortable.

Along with referring to Fergie as a Stalinist, Jon Snow grills him about several different inconsistencies about the greatest football manager of all time’s past. I’ve never before seen Fergie get quite as ruffled by a journalist. Guess he’s gone a bit soft now that he’s not the manager of United anymore.

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