Singer Tricked Into Thinking She’s Been Kidnapped by ISIS – Brutal Prank

A Singer Gets Tricked Into Thinking She's Been Kidnapped by ISIS, taking the title of the most brutal prank we've seen this year

Egyptian Actress Captured by ISIS Screams, Cries in Scene

In what surely has to go down as the most brutal prank ever conceived, a group of pranksters from Egypt managed to trick a well-known local singer into thinking that she has been kidnapped by ISIS. Heba Magdi, the famous Egyptian singer, was surrounded by guys dressed up as ISIS militants and made to plead for her life as the waved their weapons around.

They even went as far as strapping her up with a suicide vest, which pretty much pushed her over the edge, with her trying to escape. It was at that point that the pranksters figured they’d got all of the possible lols out of someone who thought they were honestly going to die and let Heba know that she’d been duped as part of an elaborate prank.

Absolutely brutal. If anyone tries to do this to me, I’m never talking to them again. EVER.


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