Showmax’s Exclusive Show, ‘Alone Together’ Is the Dry Comedy Every Millennial Needs To Watch.

A first and only on Showmax is the coming-of-age story of two not so young millennials, both with completely different backgrounds who strike up a platonic male-female friendship while living in L.A.┬áStatus seems to be everything in the City of Angels, and the two best friends, Esther and Benji, try to navigate their way through the vanity of the city while watching each other’s backs but also calling each other out for nonsense.

The rich, self-conscious and unmotivated Benji and his poor, freeloading, self-centred and strictly platonic best friend, Esther make for the most socially awkward pair as they try their┬ábest to fit in with L.A.’s vain and status-obsessed elite circles.

The show is relatable yet so dry some are even calling it a “Curb Your Enthusiasm” or an “Arrested Development” for millennials. The first episode aired this year in January and has since done so well with Season 2 released this month. You can bet Showmax has every episode of ‘Alone Together’ down to lastest available to watch right now for FREE with your 14-Day free trial. Watch the trailer below and sign up right here to binge-watch every episode!



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