Shortstraw Presents: Oppiboosh

Shortstraw Presents: Oppiboosh

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BOOSH has, and always will be, about spreading the love of local music to everyone that could be bothered to lend their ears to the cause. From humble beginnings at Mamma’s Shebeen (RIP) in 2009 to 30 people, the BOOSH brand has grown to now have a loyal fanbase in the thousands, having showcased more than 50 up-and-coming bands over the years.

For the first time ever the lads from Shortstraw will be spreading the BOOSH word at this year’s OPPIKOPPI For the lovely young taken to the Unsea where they will be hosting a day filled with BOOSH regulars on the Bruilof Stage. And like every other BOOSH, the line up will end with a performance by Shortstraw. Come and get a little taste of what BOOSH is all about on Saturday 6 August. It goes great with dust. And tequila.







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