Shopkeeper Smokes Armed Robbers With A Makeshift Flamethrower (VIDEO)

Shopkeeper Smokes Armed Robbers With A Makeshift Flamethrower (VIDEO)


Nobody really likes armed robbers due to many reasons, which I would think are fairly obvious at this stage. What we do like, is when people are able to get their own back against criminals who are trying to steal cash that has been hard earned – this is exactly what happened when a shopkeeper decided to get a little bit creative in defending himself with a makeshift flamethrower.

Dan Rigney was going about his daily business behind the till when two masked assailants entered his shop carrying weapons. Then like he was a character out of a Bond movie, he jumped into action and used a can of Doom along with a lighter to create a pretty solid effort at a flamethrower, to deter the thieves. The would be robbers come back for the cash but Dan manages to escape unharmed.

What a G! Check out the insane clip below:

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