Shimmy Beach Clubs Winter Menu is Officially Here.

With the ushering in of the cold season, world-renowned head chef of Shimmy Beach Club, Adrian Cook reinvents his menu with some new additions, taking his diners on a hearty and fulling journey of comfort food this winter. Let’s take a look at some of the scrumptious new gourmet dishes on this seasons menu that we got to try.

First up on Cook’s decadent winter additions to the entrées section is a hearty pot of local black mussels in creamy garlic white wine served with his homemade focaccia. A signature dish that stood out for me was the potato gnocchi with truffled cauliflower puree which can also be ordered as a main course just like the mussel pot. The homey, yet elegant flavours of the Venison and Leak Ragout in a bouchee (pastry) also stole the show with many people at the table.

Paired beautifully from start to finish with a top-class range of Bloemendaal Wines our table was now on Cook’s decadent new additions to his Main Course selection. Served up on a platter was taster portions of all the brand new main courses on the menu which featured a little something for everyone: A wholesome red lentil veggie burger served with sweet potato fries, the barbeque pulled pork burger with Siracha slaw, and cajun fried onion rings, a signature chicken and mushroom pot pie served with caramel pumpkin fritters followed by my favourite new winter addition – Cook’s biltong encrusted ostrich fillet served with balsamic glaze on homemade hummus and beetroot puree.

Lest we forget their short and sweet yet incredible list of deserts. This season features a cheeky and bold Chai Matcha Crème Brûlée which is a rather acquired taste. Ending off the experience on the sweetest note was my two top dishes off the day: The fondant spring roll stuffed with homemade Nutella and the heartbreakingly divine and unique Pecan Nut and Apricot toasted sandwich.

For more information on all the dishes check out Shimmy Beach Clubs full winter menu right here and be sure to check all their amazing food specials this season here.

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