Shimmy Beach Clubs potluck-style feast “Seasoned” reviewed.

We’ve been all the rave about Shimmy Beach Club’s new weekly potluck-style dining session, Seasoned. So we decided to pop by our favourite beach club after work last Friday just before the Seasoned evening rush to confirm the buzz for ourselves…

First off if you don’t feel like a million bucks walking into Shimmy Beach Club… then you probably have a million bucks already! The venue never ceases to amaze with its tall ceilings, classy dining hall and niche private beach and pools.  All four of us had already successfully tucked into two glasses of wine by the time we decided to give the go-ahead for the food. Making an A-list entrance and heading straight for our table was a train of platters and dishes.

What lay before us -and hardly fitting on our table- was a variety of traditional French cuisine with a modern twist from smouldering  Roquefort and caramelised onion tarts to traditional Tuna Nicoise salad. The evening is designed for groups of four plus. The idea is to kick back and enjoy great food with great company on a Friday night and judging by the abundance of mouth-watering food we were served, you best add an extra two people to your dinner party.

My absolute favourite of the evening had to be the decadent and slow cooked Coc Au Vin (chicken braised with wine) and the juicy Steak Dianne (fried beefsteak with a sauce made from the seasoned pan juices).

The Seasoned concept is simply genius. It’s exciting, fun and puts a spin on their al la carte menu that everyone has come to know. Each Friday chef Adrian Cook aims to take guests on a mouth-watering journey throughout the globe, zoning into a pallet of diverse tastes, smells, textures and traditions.  The evening is designed to be a full package experience from start to finish, from exquisite sea views and dining halls to the friendly staff and of course, the delectable feast, Shimmy Beach Club’s Seasoned extravaganza is truly worth it.

Keep your eyes peeled to the Shimmy fan page for this week’s upcoming menu. For more information visit their website or book your exclusive Seasoned experience by contacting: OR 021 200 7778. 

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