Shia LaBeouf Murders The 5 Fingers of Death Freestyle On Sway In The Morning

Shia LaBeouf Murders The 5 Fingers of Death Freestyle On Sway In The Morning


I’m really starting to wonder about 2016 as a whole – Donald Trump becomes the President of the US, Molefe invents a shebeen in Saxonwold and now we’ve got Shia LaBeouf absolutely murdering the 5 Fingers of Death Freestyle on Sway In The Morning. After Sway questioned Shia LaBeouf about his tattoos of 2Pac and Missy Elliott tattoos, he had the opportunity to lay down some bars over the top of a couple of classic hip hop beats.

Shia really did brings some bars, kicking off the freestyle with:

“Get ready, get set, this a meme,” “This is wild, this is a childhood dream.”

LaBeouf then snuck in a quick 1Oak diss before referencing his 2013 Daniel Clowes mini-controversy with:

“Plagiarist, stay making shit. Greatest gifts come from painful shit.” ,

Like for reals though… there are other rappers out there (Lil Uzzi Vert) who couldn’t even string two sentences together when they did the 5 Fingers Of Death Freestyle Challenge and then there’s this dude, who is supposed to be an actor who absolutely murders a freestyle live on morning radio. When he’s not hanging out in elevators or watching his own films in movie houses for hours on end, the dude is spitting bars – and some really serious bars on top of it.

Check out the full video of Shia LaBeouf murdering tings below:

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