Shelley’s Gourmet Cafe on Kloof Review

Yesterday while enjoying a day’s leave from work, I went for a bit of breakfast at this rather quaint and vibey (oxymoron right?) spot on the very trendy Kloof Street in Cape Town called Shelley’s Gourmet Café. It was the first time that I had been and let me tell you… I was pleasantly surprised.

First off as you arrive at Shelley’s you notice the absolutely amazing courtyard which sits in front of the house. It was no surprise that myself and the mooiness that I was with decided to occupy a table outside overlooking Kloof Street and all of the trendoids who were rocking their matching shoes and accessories.

The menu on offer is fully gourmet and they offer everything from a salad to Expresso French toast (which apparently is the best in Cape Town). Due to me being terribly hungover from the footy the night before I decided to grab an egg and bacon croissant with a Bloody Mary and a glass of water (cos I’m healthy like that), while my mooiness went for a Pimms and Ginger Ale with a Smoked Salmon and egg vibe on it.

The food and drinks were awesome and I can recommend it to anybody feeling the need for a good munch with decent prices (they serve breakfast all day). Shelley’s has a rather homely feel to it to that is often missing from many places who label themselves as being gourmet. I even had the pleasure of meeting Shelley- what an awesome lady!!!

Couldn’t believe that it had taken me that long to go check Shelley’s Gourmet Café out… Make sure that you don’t wait as long as me to do so!

Shelley’s Gourmet Cafe

90 Kloof Street, Cape Town 8001, South Africa

Tel: 021 424 2740

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