Shell Ad Campaign Fail- Create your own ad

Now we all know that Shell is not currently one of the most loved brands in the world because of their persistent want of global oil resources. Shell normally puts the environment at great risk to drill down into the oil reserves that keep many of the less developed (and in USA’s case, more developed) and in a bid to change the negative public perception of the brand the US branch came up with this not so brilliant campaign.

The idea was for the public to come up with the copy that would finish off one of their ads in a poignant, thought-provoking manner. They definitely got that, only the thoughts that were provoked were all negative.

There was so much widespread response to the campaign that they even had to turn off the ad generator to stop people destroying the brand online even further.

All I know is the ad agency behind this campaign is not going to be doing any work for big clients anytime soon. Today’s social media fail goes to Shell! Well done guys. NOT.

You can check out a full gallery of fails over HERE.

After some more digging we found out that the site is actually a hoax… Anyone that is going to go as far as creating a whole anti-Shell site must really hate them.


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